people are sayingRuth is a lovely massage therapist who truly listens to me and addresses my specific needs. Even after tackling my knots from running and strength training with deep tissue massage therapy, she still makes sure I leave feeling completely relaxed and blissed out, as if I had received a Swedish massage from a spa. She’s amazing!!

–Rose W.

Ruth is an amazing massage therapist! I’ve been a client of hers for many many years, in my opinion she is the best in town!

–Nancy C.

Ruth is extremely skilled at locating and relieving the trouble spots.

–Jonell A.

Ruth was so nice and welcoming, intense and thorough work for sure, but with a very relaxed and personable vibe, seemed really concerned for my comfort. Really great experience, recommended to friends and looking forward to the next one!

–Charles W.

Ruth is a very skilled massage therapist.  She applies a really good level of pressure–something that’s been hard to find in other therapists.  She loves a challenge and has a broad range of techniques to use to alleviate whatever problem has brought me in the door.  She’s very professional and friendly, but generally seems to let me lead the conversation if I want to converse.  I highly recommend her!

— MaryAnn D., on yelp.com

I have shoulder and back pain from working as a photographer. I NEED massages. I want relief from pain.

BUT how the heck do I choose a massage therapist?I don’t play massage roulette. Too expensive a gamble. Plus it is hard because Seattle has so many. So I like a referral.

If I get a referral, I ask about the therapists understanding of the body and if they ask about injuries. I also want a therapist who is confident as they work and who really trusts their intuition, but who I can also tell them if I am in pain and dying or if I wish they would go deeper. Ruth is it! She is gifted. If what I said resonates with you, call her up! Consider this a referral!

Plus my shoulder is better. I am going back in two weeks.

Oh and ask about the cupping. I had never heard of it and I came away a believer. Something about fascia and pulling them apart. Obviously I am not a massage therapist, but it really made my back feel better.

— JL on yelp.com

From a yelp.com review of Paul Perrotta and Associates, where I worked as an independent contractor:

“My current massage therapist Ruth, is extremely talented and works hard to listen to exactly what I need to feel better. I have had a lot of Anterior Neck and Deep Tissue massages with Ruth, and they have relieved migrane, neck and back pain I have had for years.”

– Rebecca M.

I found Ruth after being referred by a friend. At the time I was new to the area and looking for a massage practitioner who could help keep me injury free and performing at my peak level of fitness. I am a post collegiate distance runner and compete competitively on the elite level. My next big goal I have coming up is competing at the Olympic Trials in Track in 2012. 

After trying some other massage practitioners I was recommended to try Ruth. I have never looked back. She is amazing.

 I get massages at least twice a month and she works on my problem areas and keeps me injury free. In the past I would have old injuries flair up and sideline me from training but not any more. Ruth helps keep my muscles healthy and happy so they can sustain my grueling workouts and training. 

One thing that is different about Ruth than other massage practitioners is she really feels for the problem areas in the muscle and has you breathe and work through the trouble spots. If there is a particularly tight spot on my calf she may have me move my foot around to really stretch the muscle and alleviate tightness. 

I can’t say enough about what an amazing massage practitioner Ruth is and I would recommend her to everyone! Whether you are an elite athlete or are just wanting to feel better as you go about your day to day life, Ruth is the lady who will get the job done. 

–  Lois Keller

Ruth is one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever met. The thing that makes her  so great   is that she is not only incredibly skilled in the various techniques, but also is responsive.

I’ve had massages from people before who were good but I could tell they performed the same routine on everyone. Ruth, on the other hand, massages intuitively and interactively, so that it feels like I’m getting a personalized massage

I have recommended her to many of my friends and co-workers—she’s one of the best hidden gems in Seattle!  

–  Alicia Chen

Ruth Hesse LMP is a wonderful massage practitioner.  She has a knack for really listening to what I want in a massage, and tailoring each session to my massage needs
du jour. I see her every other week, and she has really gotten to know my body and what I like. I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and free of the aches and pains that come from working too long at my computer, or training too hard in the gym. She’s especially good with people who have sports-related bodywork needs. Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed! 

Friday massages with Ruth are addictive!

I’ve been getting massages from Ruth every other Friday for a long time. She’s one of the most responsive people who’ve worked on me, tailoring the massage to my specific needs.

Love it when she works on my arms, which need a lot of attention after hours on the computer or in my art studio. Ruth is the BEST!

–   David Owen Hastings

Ruth is a talented massage therapist I would recommend for those looking for someone who really pays attention to detail.Absolutely fabulous!

 –    Leigh Whannell

Ruth’s 1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage was fabulous!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little relaxation and wants to get away for an hour of therapeutic bliss!  She was professional, considerate and friendly…I definitely see another massage with Ruth in my near future!                                                                                             

– Mara Murphy


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