Outcall massage means that I bring my massage office to you.  I need room for the massage table, with a minimum of three feet on all sides so that I can easily move around the table and use proper body mechanics.   

Please consider your space before booking an appointment with me.  I can help you move the odd table or chair to clear space, if necessary.  Living rooms and offices are great; sleeping quarters, not so much.   Weather permitting, I can also set up outside. 

I require a convenient and predictable parking spot.  I don’t mind climbing a flight of stairs.

What to do when I am setting up / putting things away / loading car:

You are welcome to sit down and hang out with me and chat, but please do not offer to help. Your job is to relax, and I am much more efficient if I am left to my own devices.  I do, however appreciate an extra hand with some of the lighter stuff when loading up my car, if you feel so inclined.  As I leave, I like to put my supplies outside of the workspace, say goodbye, and then make a couple of trips to my car.