What are your policies?  Click here to navigate to my policies page.


Do I need to hire a housekeeper before you come over?  If you could see the state of my own home, you would know the answer to that (it’s no)!  Casual housekeeping just tells me you have other priorities!

My home does not have convenient parking or an elevator, can you still do a home visit?   If I can drop off my supplies with you and then park, we can work around the parking issue.  If you are willing to help me lug some of my supplies up and down more than one flight of stairs, not having an elevator should not be an issue.

Do you offer same day appointments?  Rarely, if ever.  Possibly, if you are an established client.

What kind of space do you require to work?  9’X12′ would be the smallest possible area for me to comfortably work.  It is also helpful to have a small table of some sort where I can set my supplies.  I prefer working in an office or living room, rather than sleeping quarters.

What preparations do I need to make before your visit?  Turn up the heat, draw your blinds for privacy, and make yourself cozy!  Also, if you have a very interactive pet, you may want to restrict them to another area. I will email you an intake form to fill out ahead of your first visit.

Do you also have an office?  My practice is 100% mobile.  When I moved up to Bellingham, I gave up my office in Seattle and have found that my clients and I prefer in-home massage.    I drive a lot more, but it saves my clients time and energy, and they enjoy not having to deal with traffic before or after their appointments.


Do you bill insurance?  I do not offer any sort of insurance billing, including PIP, L&I or personal health insurance.  All payments must be cash or check, at the time of service.

Do you offer discounts?  I do not offer discounts.

Do you sell gift certificates?  I prefer to be paid at the time of service, so I do not sell gift certificates.

Do I also need to tip you?  No, as the owner of Stay Mobile! Massage, I set my own fees and do not require or expect a gratuity.  As a side note, any time you receive a massage in a spa context, you should tip your therapist based on the full amount of the services you have received.  There is a common misunderstanding that massage therapists receive 1/2 of the fee of your bill.  This is false.


What if I am sick?  Please cancel your appointment a minimum of two hours before your scheduled appointment if you are unwell.  My late cancellation fee is 50% of the appointment fee, which I will invoice via PayPal.  Mostly I am hoping to avoid unnecessary travel on my end if you are ill and should not be receiving massage.

Do you work with less mobile people who need assistance getting on and off the table or disrobing? I do all of my massages on a massage table.  Clients must be able to comfortably get themselves on and off of the table, or have someone who can assist them.