What’s better than a day at the spa?  A day at home!

I bring over a decade of professional, licensed massage experience to your home.

My favorite modalities/techniques are deep tissue and massage cupping.  I love doing deep tissue for its specificity, and cupping to release tight fascia.

If you are looking for a dedicated massage therapist to help you maintain your well-being, I hope you will consider me.  To get in the habit of self-care, I recommend setting up a standing appointment.  Some clients see me every week, others every other week or once a month.  Massage is a great way to manage pain without pharmaceuticals.  Thank you for considering me in your search for a competent, caring, effective and creative therapist.

Ruth Hesse, LMT

Brian Utting School of Massage, 2007

#MA 00024934



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    1. Thanks, Rose! I like knowing that I am a part of your successful running career. Hopefully together we can conquer the obstacle racing world!

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Ruth is superb at working with injuries and with finding the deeper root of tightness.


I found Ruth after being referred by a friend. At the time I was new to the area and looking for a massage practitioner who could help keep me injury free and performing at my peak level of fitness. I am a post collegiate distance runner and compete competitively on the elite level. My next big goal I have coming up is competing at the Olympic Trials in Track in 2012.

After trying some other massage practitioners I was recommended to try Ruth. I have never looked back. She is amazing.

I get massages at least twice a month and she works on my problem areas and keeps me injury free. In the past I would have old injuries flair up and sideline me from training but not any more. Ruth helps keep my muscles healthy and happy so they can sustain my grueling workouts and training.

One thing that is different about Ruth than other massage practitioners is she really feels for the problem areas in the muscle and has you breathe and work through the trouble spots. If there is a particularly tight spot on my calf she may have me move my foot around to really stretch the muscle and alleviate tightness.

I can’t say enough about what an amazing massage practitioner Ruth is and I would recommend her to everyone! Whether you are an elite athlete or are just wanting to feel better as you go about your day to day life, Ruth is the lady who will get the job done.


— Lois Keller